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Neighborhood Watch is a community based crime prevention program organized to achieve the following goals:
1) Reducing opportunities for criminal behavior,
2) Rapid communication and reporting of suspicious activities,
3) Rapid and effective communication with law enforcement agencies.

If you see an incident or suspicious activity that should be reported, use our online Incident Report Form and call the Village of Montgomery Police Department 630-897-8707.
Neighborhood Participation Is Key

Volunteers are canvassing the neighborhood now with sign-up forms designed to build our Neighborhood Watch community. To date, nearly 500 homes are active participants. If you have not yet signed into our program, please take a moment now to visit our online signup form.

Block Captains Needed
Some streets are still in need of Block Captains. To follow is an overview of Block Captain duties:

1) To sign up neighbors to take part as members in the Neighborhood Watch program.
2) To maintain contact with my neighborhood (email or telephone list).
3) To distribute materials and important information to members in my area (window decals, incident reports).
4) To share priorities and concerns from my block with the subdivision chairman.
5) To inform my Neighborhood Watch area of any urgent information.
6) To attend periodic Block Captain meetings as a voting member of the Neighborhood Watch.
If you can serve as a Block Captain, please visit our online Block Captain Signup Form
A list of streets and Block Captains is maintained online.

Foxmoor Fairfield Way Neighborhood Watch Facebook Group
To assist in better communication and community building, a private Facebook Group is available to you as a current source of news and information and discussion topics related to our Neighborhood Watch. Just search for Fairfield Way | Foxmoor Neighborhood Watch and request to join the group.

We are also establishing a Twitter.com account, enabled for cell phone and PDA communication if desired.

Scheduled meetings and events

Montgomery Matters Website
The web pages and email lists of Fairfield Way | Foxmoor Neighborhood Watch are hosted for us as a community service of MontgomeryMatters.com. Visit MontgomeryMatters.com for news, events and matters of interest to Montgomery, IL.

Home | Information & Downloads | Block Captains | Meeting Minutes | Calendar